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Vacuum filtration and cooling system
Vacuum filtration and cooling system
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WZ-V vacuum filtration and cooling system

WZ-V vacuum filter cooling system is suitable for all kinds of grinding machine, such as gear grinding, grinding round grinding, flat grinding, large machining center and so on. Suitable for oil and water soluble coolant. This filtering system can be a single machine filter, multi machine centralized filter and provide the whole plant planning and design and centralized filtering program.

Schematic diagram of WZ-VN


  technical parameter

Design flow(L/min)300500100040008000
Paper width(mm)13001400150018002200
Reference dimension L*W*H3700*1700*26004500*1950*27007200*2100*280013000*2500*280018000*2800*3000
Filter mediaCutting fluid cooling oilCutting fluid cooling oilCutting fluid cooling oilCutting fluid cooling oilCutting fluid cooling oil
Precision filter (m)10-2010-2010-2010-2010-20


WZ-V cut chip filter liquid temperature control device from single in the form a complete set to centralized processing, can according to user requirements will be filtered, cooling, oil removal, high pressure liquid supply, oil mist collection, sewage cleaning multifunctional components are integrated together, composed of different filtration system, applicable to all kinds of machining process for a variety of cooling liquid of different processing requirements and long-term supply excellent performance matching filter.

There are three kinds of solutions for the supply and return of the centralized filtration system. Two is the overhead supply, waste liquid. Three is to supply the liquid pipe and the liquid return pipe all in the trench, the space has no pipeline. Options depending on user workshop conditions and nature of the debris, wiser will according to the specific circumstances of the user to make a reasonable design.

WZ-V vacuum filter function layout 1, 2


        Full automatic vacuum filtration system is the most advanced wiser or more single bed machine.

For large to 9000L/min, the filter accuracy of 10 mu m chip processing.

Wiese from filtration, system arrangement, feed method, liquid return way, cut debris solution configuration, except oil sterilization, purification and regeneration, temperature control and filter residue processing for the user to provide system design, equipment manufacture and field installation and debugging.

Perfect vacuum replacement products

Design principle: the use of unique recoil regeneration principle, no supplies. Filter unit maximum life of up to more than 8 years.

Product advantage

High precision and the highest accuracy up to 1 m, far exceeding the vacuum type filter can achieve the filtering precision and high precision grinding provides a reliable guarantee.

The filter unit adopts modular design, can easily and easily reach the large flow of filter for liquid, while the compact device, no need to take up a lot of space.

@ eliminates the mechanical transmission of complex and cumbersome vacuum transmission structure, reduce the maintenance point, more user-friendly.

@ because there is no filter paper supplies, also won't have so the type vacuum filter is difficult to avoid the problems in the consumption of filter paper and the cooling liquid away, the filter does not produce waste, does not pollute the environment.